Investigating the Commodification of the Wild

The Commodifying the Wild research consortium investigates the impact of a globalized economy on untouched ‘wild’ nature. Through multidisciplinary research, it aims to deepen understanding of the ecological, social, and political dimensions of commodification.

Unveiling the Interplay Between Global Economy and 'Wild' Nature

The research consortium, Commodifying the Wild funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), investigates the complex relationship between a globalized economy and the perception of untouched ‘wild’ nature. As climate change and biodiversity loss drive interest in ‘natural’ products, we aim to understand the impact of consumption patterns and production processes on wild ecosystems and local livelihoods.Through two projects, we delve into the complexities of commodifying the ‘wild” by analyzing (1) ornamental fish trade and (2) the political ecology of wild plants.

Exploration of Economy-Wilderness Nexus

We examine the complex interplay between a globalized economy and the idealized concept of "wild" nature, investigating the effects of increasing climate change and biodiversity loss on untouched ecosystems and local livelihoods.

Interdisciplinary Approach

We conduct research in the fields of political ecology, anthropology, geography, and environmental science using a multi-sited and multidisciplinary approach to investigate the trans-regional ecological, social, and political dimensions of natural resource commodification.

Rethinking Political Ecology

Our approach aims to creatively develop the achievements of political ecology. Classical concepts such as governance, value chains and power relations are to be expanded to include phenomenological and aesthetic ones.

Translocal Relations

Facing socio-ecological issues in a globalized economy requires a multi-sited approach that delves into and leverages connections and interactions evolving within global trade networks, which transcend local boundaries and thrive in a geographically dispersed system.

News from our Projects

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Weed an Values

Coming Soon! “Of Weed and Values:Encounters with the Stinging Nettle in the Urban Wilderness of Cologne” by Anna Céline Schäfer

Schäfer, Anna Céline (2024): Of Weed and Values: Encounters with the Stinging Nettle in the Urban Wilderness of Cologne. Köln: Kölner Ethnologische Beiträge, 64.  The study by Anna Céline Schäfer, supervised by Dr. Clemens Greiner, engages with the stinging nettle, ...
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Exploring the Intersection of Economy and Wilderness

Our consortium is currently conducting two research projects aimed at investigating the commodification of the “wild,” specifically concentrating on the commercialization of ornamental fish and wild plants.

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